Commercial Rubber Flooring
Commercial Rubber Flooring
Commercial Rubber Flooring
Commercial Rubber Flooring
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Commercial Rubber Flooring

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Dimensions: 1mx1m + 15mm thickness

Commercial Rubber Flooring Tiles make an excellent durable, flexible, and slip-resistant flooring solution for commercial spaces. With noise-reducing properties, these high-impact rubber tiles provide supreme cushioning and elasticity, reducing the impact on your bones, joints and muscles.

The best grade flooring in the industry.

When shopping for rubber flooring, you will see many differing price points.

Our price is what it is because we refuse to sell you something that is cheap and nasty.

Pick quality over quantity, it will save you stress and money in the long run. 


DURABLE – Will last and stand the test of time with daily use.

SAFE – Made from fire retardent materials


ANTI-FATIGUE, FLEXIBLE & RESILIENT – By using the highest quality rubbers and compounds, flexibility and permanent resiliency is maintained throughout its life offering a very high degree of comfort under-foot and anti-fatigue. This is particularly important for use in gyms and fitness clubs.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY –  Made from non-toxic materials.