Commercial 8 Stack Multi Jungle Gym
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Commercial 8 Stack Multi Jungle Gym

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This Jungle Gym includes the following stations:

  • Two Lat Pull Down Stations with 120kg (264 lb) weight stacks.
  • Two Seated Cable Rows with 120kg (264 lb) weight stack
  • Cable Crossover with two 100kg (220 lb) weight stack
  • Two High Low Pulley Stations (Tricep, Bicep, Abductor, Adductor etc.) with 80kg (176 lb) stack.

Pulleys have integrated precision bearings that ensures smooth performance and reliability.  It's engineered with an extremely durable and scratch-resistant frame that is finished with a premium grade electrostatic powder coating. Adjustable pulleys can swivel a full 180 degrees for even greater variety and flexibility of movements and training positions. The pulleys can be adjusted to multiple heights for even greater functionality.


  • Weight Stacks have been fitted with magnetic weight pins.
  • The weight stacks are all independent to accommodate up to 8 users at the same time.


  •  Two D handles,
  • Lat bar,
  • V grip row bar,
  • Straight bar
  • Tricep bar


  •  5710mm lengtht
  • 3470mm widtht
  • 2400mm height