Boxing Sparring Gloves - 12oz
Boxing Sparring Gloves - 12oz
Boxing Sparring Gloves - 12oz
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Boxing Sparring Gloves - 12oz

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Boxing gloves made from best highest quality PU leather. Designed from multi different layers of polyurethane foam, they provide exceptional padding and shock absorption – even during regular or daily use. Double wrist straps all round wrist protection and reduce the risk of injury to the wrist. All-purpose fitness gloves are perfect for light to moderate bag and pad work.


Premium PU leather along with excellent glove construction provides long lasting durability and functionality.

  • Double wrist straps provide superior wrist support and reduce the risk of wrist injury.

  • High density polyurethane machine mould padding inside the gloves 

  • Air mesh technology for cool ventilation

  • Air vent holes on palm to reduce sweat

  • Conforms to the natural shaped of the fist for maximum comfort.

  • Heavy duty shock absorption to take the most gruelling hits.

  • Suitable for training, bag work or sparring.

  • Stylish design

  • Fits youths and adults

  • Weight - 12oz